29 April 2020

Geomapping Transforming The Way Clients Engage With Swipe Data




Geomapping is a new feature included in the recent SkillGuard 5.1 update, which is transforming the way our clients engage with the wealth of swipe data within the system. 

Each time a worker swipes on or off site, SkillGuard records this within the database. This data has always been accessible in a tabulated format, but augmenting the data with interactive maps has enabled clients to extract more insights from the information. Users can see which workers have swiped in at which sites and where these sites are: 


They are also able to interact with the map by clicking on site icons to bring up more details, such as: 

  • How many workers are currently swiped in
  • How many spot-checks have taken place
  • How many workers are typically swiped in at different times of day

This data is invaluable both for health and safety and project managers who want to get a better view of the embedment of their SkillGuard system. The surprise has been how many further advantages geomapping offers our clients; they are finding that the new visualisation of data provides intelligence with benefits across the entire organisation, it gives: 

  • An improved understanding of site distribution
  • The required information to improve business processes and reduce travel times
  • A practical tool to help with crisis response
  • The perfect report to provide senior leaders with at a glance insights 
  • The information users need, faster, such as muster lists or peak activity times

Geomaps In Action

A client urgently needed more workers at one site. SkillGuard's geomaps helped them quickly identify the closest site with enough workers to reallocate. They then used SkillGuard's messaging module to request volunteers to travel to the site in need. 

This took minutes; in the past, it would have taken hours or days or simply not been possible at all.

This is one example of how SkillGuard helps clients keep their workforce safe and effective. 


SkillGuard is the world's leading workforce management system for major organisations that deal with extensive supply chains.

Our clients set the standard for safety excellence across rail, highways, construction, civil engineering, quarries, logistics and more. If you want to find out how SkillGuard can help you keep your workers safer and more effective, then get in touch using the details below.


For more information:

Reference Point Limited
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Email: info@referencepoint.co.uk

Notes to Editors:

About Reference Point Limited
Founded over 20 years ago, Reference Point is an award-winning international provider of workforce management systems that ensure people are trained and qualified for the jobs they do and can work safely and effectively together.

The company’s market-leading range of solutions utilises smartcard technology and sophisticated mobile apps to provide critical, portable, up-to-date information that can be checked wherever and whenever it’s needed. Major client applications include: CSCS’s Go Smart ecosystem, Network Rail’s Sentinel system, Highways England’s Passport platform, HS2’s Validate system and the Australasian Railway Association’s RIW solution.

For further information, visit: www.referencepoint.co.uk


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