22 february 2018







Tarmac’s innovation in smartcard technology drives fleet safety


Tarmac rolls out their new, best in class, 'OneCard' mobile workforce management solution nationally across HGV drivers

Tarmac has become the first in its industry to roll out a new smartcard for HGV drivers, which aims to further enhance safety and support driver training, while delivering increased customer confidence on the competency and quality of its entire supply chain.

The UK’s leading construction solutions company has implemented OneCard, a cloud-based smartcard system, which records data on an individual driver’s training history, as well as key qualifications such as CPC hours.

This transformational platform, digitally captures information on a driver’s credentials, competency and qualifications makes the process of site safety checks much quicker, records engagement and provides reassurance to customers that drivers are fully trained and competent.

Sean McGrae, Senior National Transport Manager at Tarmac, said: “As a leading business in the construction sector and operator of the largest fleet in our industry, Tarmac has a key role to play in continually driving improvements in both safety standards and customer experience."

“By using the innovative OneCard technology, we’re setting a new standard with instant mobile access to drivers’ training, enabling quick access to our sites for materials collection. The technology is helping us to tailor our driver training programmes as well as improve the efficiency of our supply logistics, making it simpler for drivers to move between Tarmac’s nationwide network of over 400 sites.”

Following a successful pilot, the OneCard is being rolled out across Tarmac’s UK-wide driver population. Each driver is being provided with a personalised smartcard, which has a unique identifier to prevent fraud and is checked using smartphone technology. To date over 1,000 drivers have been issued a personalised card.

The OneCard is supplied by Reference Point. Commenting on Tarmac’s adoption of the technology, Tanya Morris, Business Development Director at Reference Point, said: “We are delighted that Tarmac is rolling out our industry leading mobile workforce management solution. The latest technology enables instant recording and access of up to date information providing additional visibility and confidence to the company’s own workforce as well as its wider supply chain.”



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